XSD′s independently developed solar bracket damper

The solar bracket damper is a hydraulic feed speed control device that can freely adjust the feed speed in the cylinder from low speed to high speed within the desired range. Its primary function is to absorb and mitigate vibrations and dynamic loads resulting from external factors like wind loads and earthquakes, thereby safeguarding solar brackets and the entire solar system from potential damage. Our company′s solar damper is a stabilizing device independently developed by XSD for solar power station tracking systems, It can be designed and produced according to the actual needs of our users.

The solar bracket damper plays a crucial role in solar energy systems.  Our company′s solar panel tracking system hydraulic dampers are designed to absorb and reduce vibrations and dynamic loads caused by external factors such as wind loads and earthquakes, thereby protecting the solar brackets and the entire solar system from damage. Specifically, when a solar rack is subjected to external forces, such as strong winds or earthquakes, it can generate vibrations and dynamic loads. These vibrations and loads, in turn, may cause damage to the structure of the bracket and even lead to the failure of the entire system.The function of the damper is to absorb and reduce these vibrations and loads, thus safeguarding the bracket and the entire system's stability and safety. When the bracket is subjected to an external force, the damper absorbs and dissipates the energy resulting from vibrations and loads; consequently, it minimizes the vibration amplitude of the bracket and the magnitude of the dynamic load. Additionally, based on our actual testing, the use of dampers can significantly enhance tracking accuracy. Therefore, the solar bracket damper plays a vital role in solar energy systems. It enhances the seismic performance and stability of the bracket, extends the system's lifespan, and ensures its smooth operation.

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