Is Solar Tracking System Worth It In Utility & Commercial Projects?

Increasing power generation is one of the best ways to generate solar power in utility and commercial projects. One way to achieve this goal is to install solar tracking systems in the same area to increase solar power generation.

The single axis tracker allows the module to follow the sun as it moves from east to West throughout the day. It can significantly improve the energy production of public utility scale solar installations, so the solar tracking system is the main solar powered support system in international utility and commercial projects.

However, if the solar tracking system is not optimized for the whole photovoltaic system, it may limit the increase in power generation and lead to poor performance. For example, uncertain wind speed exceeding design conditions, shadow design, night attitude, communication interruption and other fault conditions.

XSD solar aimed at the above problems, targeted research and design, and successfully implemented the abominable weather protection and fault warning mechanism in practice.

For example, wind resistant design, the XSD solar solution bundles four core components: photovoltaic modules, dampers, trackers, and control communication systems.

The high-quality system needs to be evaluated on the spot to improve the stability of the product as much as possible, which means that before the XSD team recommends the scheme, they will professionally evaluate the site and design the system and installation scheme according to the actual landmarks, soil quality, climate, weather, illumination angle, etc., so as to ensure the best integration and interoperability. After considering this information in the design, the tracker can track the sun more accurately, and the module can collect more sunlight to improve the power gain.

With the improvement of the scale of clean energy, XSD Solar has been working hard on the road of continuously improving R & D, design, manufacturing and after-sales guarantee!

xsd soalr tracker damper
XSD solar tracker damper

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