A New Patent For Solar Damper

XSD has recently developed a new damper joint, the utility model relates to the field of photovoltaic power generation technology, specifically a damper in the form of a new joint for photovoltaic tracking systems, including oil storage cylinders and dust covers, oil storage cylinders and dust covers fixed connection.

The end of the oil storage cylinder and the dust cover are fixedly connected with a spherical joint bearing; the spherical joint bearing includes a casting ring, the inner wall of the casting ring is provided with an outer ring, the inner wall of the outer ring is provided with an inner ring, and the inner ring.

There is also a bushing between the inner wall of the outer ring, and the side of the casting ring near the oil storage tank or dust cover is provided with a welding leg; by setting the casting ring, outer ring, bushing, and inner ring, and setting.

The welding leg, the casting ring is welded with the oil storage cylinder or the dust cover through the welding leg, which avoids the problem that the traditional spherical joint bearing is easy to loosen through the threaded connection.

In addition, the casting ring and the welding leg are integrally cast, there is no need to retapping and plating, so the cost is greatly reduced.


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